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What's High Purity Aluminum?

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Shandong Jingnuo high purity aluminum refers to aluminum with a purity level greater than 99.8%. Jingnuo high purity aluminum is produced using the directional solidification refining method, using only premium quality aluminum as the raw material.

High purity aluminum can be further categorized into sub-hyper pure aluminum (aluminum content 99.5%~99.95%), ultra-high purity aluminum (aluminum content 99.996%~99.999%), and extremely high purity aluminum (aluminum content above 99.999%). It has a silver-white color, a smooth surface, clear crystalline patterns, and is free from impurities.

Jingnuo high purity aluminum exhibits excellent properties such as low deformation resistance, high electrical conductivity, and good ductility. It finds wide applications in scientific research, the electronics industry, the chemical industry, as well as in the manufacturing of high purity alloys, laser materials, and other specialized applications.

Jingnuo high purity aluminum is typically supplied in the form of semi-circular or rectangular ingots. Each semi-circular ingot weighs no less than 45kg, while each rectangular ingot weighs no more than 25kg. The cross-sectional dimensions of the rectangular ingots are usually 200mm*65mm, with a length not exceeding 600mm.

We are confident that our high purity aluminum will meet your specific requirements and deliver exceptional performance in your applications. If you have any further questions or would like to request a sample, please do not hesitate to contact us.